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Art will lead the way in conveying science to the consciousness of twenty-first-century culture.
~ The Microphotography of Dr. Gary Greenberg ~

Gary Greenberg's TED Talk at TED X Maui:

TED talk at TED x Maui, January 22 2012

Florotica TEDx Sedona, October 2017:

Florotica Dr. Gary Greenberg TedX Maui

Link to Florotica TEDx Talk

View Dr. Greenberg's video:

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Talks Series:

Dr. Greenberg is an enthusiastic and fascinating speaker. He is available to give talks with PowerPoint presentations on the following themes:

Dr. Gary Greenberg Science Lecture

"How Science Has Changed Our View of Light, Time & Space"

We human beings perceive the world around us through our senses and our brain. This allows us to create an amazingly accurate model of reality as we experience our everyday world. However, we are limited in our perception of time, space and light. For example, with the naked-eye we cannot see objects smaller than the size of a human hair; and, we cannot see ultraviolet light, as some birds and insects do. Photography has allowed us to extend our perception of space by integrating microscopes and telescopes with the modern camera. Our understanding of time is extended by utilizing slow motion and time-lapse photography. Our perception of the light that fills the universe is made visible by camera sensors that form images in ultraviolet, and infrared; and antennae that transform x-ray, radar, and radio wave radiation into spectacular images. The extraordinary nature of ordinary objects is revealed when the universe is seen through the lens of these powerful technologies. In this presentation, we will see that everyday objects take on a new reality when magnified thousands of times, illuminating the hidden secrets of nature. It inspires the human spirit to know that the beauty and the mysteries of our universe are tangible, and they can be more deeply appreciated when seen through the eyes of modern technology.


"The Extraordinary Nature of Ordinary Things"

There is an amazing micro world wrapped up inside the ordinary world that we experience through our senses.  The truly extraordinary nature of ordinary objects is revealed  when seen through the lens of a microscope.  Everyday objects take on a new reality when magnified hundreds or thousands of times, illuminating the hidden secrets of nature.  Looking deeper, an even stranger nano world lies hidden, wrapped up inside the micro world, like stacking Russian dolls. These worlds can be seen directly through the microscope, allowing us to perceive and appreciate the very fabric of nature. It inspires the human spirit to know that the beauty and the mysteries of our universe are tangible and real, and they can be experienced through the microscope.

Lectures by Dr. Gary Greenberg Lecture series 1 A Grain of Sand Nature's Secret Wonder

“A Grain of Sand: From Maui to the Moon”

Dr. Greenberg talks about spending 10 years of his life photographing grains of sand under the microscope. His interest in sand led to his creating images of moon sand returned by NASA from the Sea of Tranquility. His presentation is studded with astounding images of individual grains of sand magnified hundreds of times. When we walk along a beach we are strolling on millions of years of geological and biological history. Each grain of sand is unique, and each has a story to tell. Dr. Greenberg reveals this amazing hidden world in a fascinating PowerPoint presentation. It is a journey into the wondrous landscape of things we do not see with our naked eye. It inspires the human spirit to know that the beauty and the mysteries of our universe are tangible and real, and that our lives are enriched by their presence.

Lectures by Dr. Gary Greenberg Lecture Series 2 The Art of Science from Pythagoras to the Present

“The Art of Science: From Cave Paintings to Computers”

The secrets of nature are visible everywhere. Yet, they remain secrets until they are discovered. Although art and science seem poles apart, both artists and scientists passionately strive to the same end – to reveal and communicate a deeper understanding of nature and the human condition. Dr Greenberg will highlight the works of the great individuals throughout history who have endeavored to combine art and science. The legacy of the Renaissance marked the convergence of art and science, and we are now entering a new age where this same ideal offers us an exciting way to see the modern world.

Lectures by Dr. Gary Greenberg Lecture Series 3 A Bug's Eye Veiw of Flowers

“A Bug’s Eye View of Flowers”

Dr. Greenberg takes us on a journey through the amazing world of flowering plants from the insect’s point of view. Stunningly beautiful stamina, pistils and petals evolved over millions of years to lure bugs to visit and partake of these gorgeous visuals, wonderful smells, and sweet tastes. With the help of insects, flowering plants “invented” the process of cross-pollination. They have co-evolved over time to strengthen their mutually beneficial bonds. It was a sexual revolution between species rather than within species. Insects and flowering plants evolved structures and behaviors to benefit their common life together. Dr. Gary Greenberg shows us the magnificence of flowering plants from a microscopic point of view, with clarity and depth never before seen. All of us love to behold the awesome beauty of flowers; and now for the first time, an entirely new dimension of appreciation is offered.


Gary L. Greenberg, Ph.D.
PO Box 792169
Paia, Hawaii 96779

Undergraduate Education:
UCLA (Psychology/Art)

Doctoral Education:
University College London, University of London
(Anatomy and Developmental Biology)

Postdoctoral Fellowship:
University of Southern California
(Developmental Biology)

Assistant Professor:
University of Southern California (1980’s)

Research Affiliate:
University of Hawaii Institute for Astonomy (2009 - Present)
Advanced Technology Research Center (Pukalani, Maui)

19 US patents for microscope devices and methods

CEO, Edge-3D, LLC Development and manufacturing of 3D imaging systems

Given over 50 major lectures world-wide


A Grain of Sand: Nature’s Secret Wonder, Voyageur Press, 2008
The Secrets of Sand, Voyageur Press, 2015 (Authors: Gary Greenberg, Carol Keily & Kate Clover)

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